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Mouthguards to Protect Active Kids

Keeping your kids active is very important. Depending on their sport of choice, there can be an increased risk for dental injuries. Many contact sports like football and boxing require mouthguards, but you should keep them in mind for other sports like basketball and skateboarding. Studies have consistently shown a reduction in dental injuries with the use of mouthguards.1

Mouthguards typically cover the upper teeth and can take some getting used to. They can help reduce damage to lips, gums and teeth. Mouthguards are especially important for kids who have braces. A properly fitted mouthguard can make a big difference.

Most dentists do not recommend stock mouthguards. They tend to be cumbersome and don't offer much protection, but they are still better than nothing if they are the only option for your budget. The boil and bite style that is widely available is better because they can adapt to the shape of your child's mouth. For the best fit and protection, you can get custom mouthguards. Your dentist or orthodontist can help get your kids fitted.

Mouthguard maintenance is typically easy. Rinse them after use, keep them in a vented container and check them often for wear and tear. You will want to replace them if they are showing wear and tear.

I recommend starting kids out at a young age with mouthguards so that it becomes a standard piece of equipment like their bicycle helmet. Look into them today for your kids to help reduce dental injuries.

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  • Author: Michael J. Pink DDS
  • Last updated: 4/1/2021