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PPO Savings

Your BlueCare Dental PPO plan provides access to a network of dentists who agree to discount their fees for members.

Why Should I use a BlueCare Dental PPO Dentist?

You have the option to choose any dentist, but there are cost advantages to choosing a dentist who participates in the BlueCare Dental PPO network.


  • Take comfort in knowing that professional credentials are verified for every PPO dentist.


  • Access to one of the largest dental PPO networks in the country.
    Find a dentist   in your area.
  • Freedom to choose any general dentist or specialist in the network without a referral.


  • Discounts of 20%-40% for BlueCare Dental PPO members. Save money each time you utilize a PPO Network dentist.
  • No balance billing when using a PPO Network dentist. You are not billed for costs exceeding the allowable amount (except copayments, coinsurances and deductibles).

Cost Savings When Using a PPO Network Dentist

PPO Savings Example
for a Crown (D2752)
Network DentistNon-Network Dentist
Billed charge$ 1026.00$ 1026.00
Allowable amount$ 749.00$ 1000.00
Dental plan pays 50% of allowable amount$ -374.50$ -500.00
Member's responsibility$ 374.50$ 526.00

The dollar amounts and percentages shown are for illustrative purposes only. Check your benefit booklet for deductible, coinsurance and dollar maximums that may apply.

How do I find a PPO Network Dentist?

Find a dentist   in your area.

You may also call the Customer Service Center toll-free at 800-521-2227 to obtain a list of network dentists in your area.