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Dental Health News

February 2023
Without dental coverage, many American seniors on Medicare stop getting the fillings and crowns they may need, a new study finds... Read More »
February 2023
Even the tiniest teeth can decay, which is why it's important to take care of them. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) offers some tips... Read More »
February 2023
Taking good care of your teeth -- brushing, flossing, regular dental checkups -- is, of course, important for good health... Read More »
January 2023
Treatments for gum disease may have little benefit for heavy smokers, new research shows. The study findings suggest the need to rethink treatment... Read More »
December 2022
Black patients with head-and-neck cancers have twice the death rates of white patients, and a new study suggests race itself underlies those differences... Read More »
November 2022
On top of their other health hazards, electronic cigarettes may help rot your teeth, a new study suggests. Vaping appears to promote cavities... Read More »
September 2022
While dental and medical care are thought to be related, researchers wondered what impact oral care might have on a serious heart condition... Read More »
September 2022
Gum disease has far-reaching effects and may increase your odds of developing dementia, a new study suggests. In a review of 47 previously published studies... Read More »
September 2022
If you're planning to have oral surgery, be prepared, not scared, an expert suggests — and stay off YouTube. "I tell all of my patients, 'The more you know... Read More »
August 2022
Many opioid abusers cite short-term, legitimate use of an opioid for relief of joint or dental pain as their "gateway" into addiction. Now, research done at... Read More »
June 2022
A small preliminary study suggests that the health of an expectant mother's gums may affect her likelihood of a preterm birth... Read More »
June 2022
Getting your tongue or lips pierced? Don't be surprised when your dentist is unhappy about it. These piercings can do damage to your teeth and gums, a new study warns... Read More »
May 2022
If you've had a root canal, you can expect your tooth to survive for about 11 years, researchers say. For a time, root canals can maintain teeth affected by cavities or other problems... Read More »
April 2022
While the vast majority of dental implant procedures go smoothly, related infections can up the risk for implant failure. Antibiotics can keep that risk at bay... Read More »
March 2022
A new study offers more evidence that oral health is connected to heart health: Older women who harbor certain bacteria in their mouths might be at increased risk of developing high blood pressure... Read More »