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Blue Dental℠ FAQs

Flexible choices for you and your family

With your Blue Dental℠ benefit, you have the freedom to choose a provider when you receive treatment. You do not have to choose a primary dentist ahead of time. You don't need referrals for specialty care. You also do not have to visit the same dentist as your eligible dependents.

Everything you need to manage your benefits – right at your fingertips

My Health Toolkit® links you with all the tools you need to manage your benefits including claims information, finding a dentist, and accessing your ID card. It's your single secure source for information about your specific insurance plan. Go to My Health Toolkit | BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina ( for more information.

Do I need an ID card?

When you go to the dentist, present your ID card to make sure the dentist applies your benefits correctly. Your dentist can easily verify your coverage by calling the customer service numbers on the back of your ID card. You may also access your ID card through the My Health Toolkit Mobile App.

Why would I want to go to an in-network dentist?

With BlueCross Dental benefits, you receive benefits whether you and your eligible dependents visit an In-Network Dentist. When you visit an in-network dentist, you will usually pay lower out-of-pocket cost as opposed to an out-of-network dentist.

Out-of-network dentists do not participate in any arrangement with Blue Cross. Since out-of-network dentists do not have contracts with Blue Cross, you'll have higher out-of-pockets costs.

Locating an in-network dentist

  1. Visit
  2. Go to Members on the right of the webpage and select Find a Dentist under Quick Links.
  3. Select Find a Dentist.
  4. Under Find a Dentist, select how you would like to search for a dentist.

Will I have to file my own claim?

In-Network Dentists will file the claim directly to BlueCross. With Out-of-Network Dentists, you may need to file the claim directly to BlueCross. In that case, you can get a claim form here or from the following sources:

> Your Human Resource department or
> Go to our website:

  • Select Members
  • Select File a Claim under Find Forms and Documents
  • Select Dental and choose the Dental Services Claim form
  • Mail the claim to the following address:

    BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
    Attn: AX-D05
    PO Box 100300
    Columbia, SC 29202

  • Or fax the form to 1-803-264-7629

How do I get an estimate of coverage before treatment?

We recommend you have your Dentist submit a request for a pre-treatment estimate for services more than $300. This often applies to Major Services. When your dentist suggests treatment, have your provider send an undated claim form along with the proposed treatment plan to BlueCross. We will send a pre-treatment estimate to you and your dentist detailing what services your plan will cover and how much it will pay.

How do I speak to a representative for assistance with benefits, claims, etc.?

For Customer Service and dental claims inquiries please call (800) 222-7156.