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Problems with dentures or bridges

Fixed dentures and bridges (fixed partial denture) may eventually wear down or break. Many issues can be repaired without having to produce a new one. Very few, if any, require a visit to an emergency department or urgent care facility. These facilities are not normally equipped to repair or replace dentures and bridges, which can cost you unnecessary time and money.

What to do

  • If a cemented bridge (fixed partial denture) falls off a supporting (abutment) tooth, or becomes damaged, do not try to recement it back in place yourself.
  • Call your dentist and let them know what happened. Typically, you will get an appointment for an evaluation, and they will address any necessary treatment or repairs.
  • Ask your dentist what steps to take to handle the issue until your appointment.
Author: Symbyos staff, go2dental staff
Medical review: Thomas J. Greany DDS
Last medical review: February 7, 2021
Last updated: February 9, 2021